Any latinas or Morris out there

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We at the Morris County Organization for Hispanic Affairs know that our strength lies not only in the words we stand by, but most importantly through the actions of our initiatives. Every day, around the neighborhoods of the Morris County area and in immigration courthouses, we provide direct services and advocate for the rights of Hispanic and low-income families and individuals.

Popular Topics:. Citizenship and Naturalization. Electric and Gas Bill. Home Repairs. Home Energy Assistance. Community Outreach and Advocacy. Weatherization, Home Inspections and Repairs. Senior Citizens Services. Free Eyescreening Services. Immigration and Deportation Services for Children. Education Services for Children. Immigration and Deportation Services for Adults. Citizenship Classes. Attorney Forums. Transportation Services. This vision and the pressing need to create a community filled with hope and respect for all is a driving force in how we communicate with our clients and the reason that our advocacy is critical today more than ever if we want to ensure our community feels respected and part of its change.

I could not be prouder to continue to lead this work and to push forward for those who need us the most. Xiomara Guevara. Executive Director. We proudly advocate for the Hispanics in the Morris County area and beyond through every aspect of our work, from education to legal immigration, and everything in between. We provide help to low-income individuals and families in order to aid them in their journey to becoming self-sufficient. We work closely with the State of NJ Department of Community Affairs to assist elderly, handicapped, and low-income persons in weatherizing their homes, improving their heating systems efficiency and conserving energy.

We are out every day, engaging and empowering the Morris County community. We provide representation, education, advocacy, and other types of support to foster community development. We provide crucial legal immigration services to survivors of domestic violence and other violent crimes, as well as access to other critical resources through partnerships and referrals. We defend immigrants of diverse ages, nationalities, and situations through legal representation and assistance, education, and advocacy.

We advocate for children and youth through immigration and family court, through education services and advocacy, and through access to direct social services and resources. We believe that education is critical to the empowerment of individuals and the community. That is why we are committed to educating throughout different initiatives and projects.

We support, advocate, and engage the elderly by creating community support groups and activities, providing support with resources and social connections. . See our Business Hours. Who We Are. Learn More. Get Help. Need Help? Start here to see how we can help you. Not sure where to start? Search by Topic:. Learn More About Our Work. Proud Advocates of the Latinx Community. Helping Low-income Individuals. Weatherizing Homes. Engaging and Empowering Our Community. Supporting Survivors of Violence. Defending Immigrants' Rights. Advocating for Children and Youth.

Educating Our Community. Engaging and Investing in the Elderly. Upcoming Events. View Event.

Any latinas or Morris out there

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