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It truly is, unless the female mate is unhappy with some little thing that has happened. Now some of the smallest things can upset a wnman. One or two good football games which fall on a famioy night outing or when the little woman wants to talk can send the sweetest of the fair sex into a real tissie. Why that is, has always remained a mystery. Now the little things in life hardly ever upset a red blooded American male. But it is different with a woman. Just where the difference Mes is hard to say. This was an innocent conversation overheard that brought the whole thing to light.

AP — Fire fighters said today they have contained a 4,acre brush and timber fire which streaked across this coastal redwood region and forced evacuation of 2, residents and vacationers. Armed with shovels, axes and hoes, some firefighters hacked out brush and scrub trees in the rugged creek area along a still-uncontrolled fire line about '. The 1,man fire force was supported by an aircraft, pack mules and a converted Army armored personnel carrier. Many of the nearly 2, KM vacationers and residents who fled the area when the fire started Tuesday were returning.

Four private campgrounds reopened and passage was clear along the Pacific Coast Highway. But a reporter is an observer of life and he must always be on his toes to see life in its every aspect. Well to get to the case in point, here was a fine example of modern man talking about a purely unrelated fact to anything but his own consience.

Yet, the conversation provided a keen insight to his martial relationship. He was talking about his face and why it looked the way it did. There was a dark circle under his eye. Instead he made an asute declaration. That dark circle under his eye was the result of a mistake in conversation. That one little fact neatly tuck away into the mental file that every husband should always keep up to date. No overlapping coveragi. When purchasing separate p. Buy no more coverage than you need. See us for insurance. Remember your important needs - food, a place to live, and clothing.

Can these costs be cut? What about other expenses? What could be left out or put off until later? Make your plan, but keep it simple. Then try your plan for a month or two. Look to the future and adjust to change. Spending and savings plans seldom remain the same for long periods of time.

Major changes may have to be made as financial problems are solved, as goals are reached or reevaluated, as you moie from one stage to another in the family life cycle, if you have a change in income. All consumers know how easy it is to spend money. But to spend it wisely is really a challenge. These guidelines for your budget can help you meet that challenge.

A smart consumer not only spends his money wisely, but plans his spending as well. Good money management considers the past, present, and future. Look at the past to see where your money goes as well as where it comes from.

Then figure how much money is coming in. Your spendable income basically is your pay check If you have cash income from other sources, such as dividends, interest, or rent, be sure to include it. Look at the present to check family needs and wants for which you can spend current income. First, list the things you need - your fixed expenses. This includes food, shelter house payments, repairs, furniture, appliances, utilities , clothing new, repairs , taxes, transportation bus fare, auto payments and repairs, gas, oil , insurance, health doctor and dentist. Second, list the things you want - flexible expenses.

These include education books, tuition, newspapers, magazines , recreation sports, movies, records, pets, vacations , gifts, personal grooming, contributions and dues. TO 12 P. B, Ne. Dodd, Mead. It's certainly timely. This is a presidential election year. And a woman really is running for President. Ripley is identified on the jacket as a housewife and mother who wrote this book in a month while her children were visiting their grandparents.

That month may be one of the problems. The latter are pretty much never heard from again. She then runs the country with the common sense with which a good schoolteacher runs a classroom. The book reminds one of a half-hour comedy on TV in which family life is depicted by the rule: oversimply for a happy ending.

Income tax is lowered to 10 per cent after all income tax collectors are fired; employers just deduct and mail it in. Unions dissolve after armed service personnel work during a strike. Unemployment ends thanks to job training. Repeated problem solving in this way is merely repetitious and tiresome.

We certainly thought the heroine had just the right ring to her name for a President. He now is conferring regularly with his political advisors and apptary especially concerned about how he will fare in his home state of California. Form the Oval Office have flowed orders for Republicans to stress issue?. Agnew, too. Re-election campaign director Clark MacGregor talked of the budget shuffling as he reported in an interview that more than , persons have been recruited toward a goal of having one million Republican volunteers in the field by Labor Day. AP — Contingency plans for the admission of coeds to the Air Force Academy by are being made to cover the possible ratification of the equal rights amendment to the U.

James J. Lannon, Academy chief of staff, explained Friday. Lannon said there are no plans to request funds to construct separate dormitories for coeds, but that some muaiucdiions wouia ue required in the two cadet dormitories now used exclusively by males. Types of uniforms for coeds and appropriate physical training programs are also being studied, he said. MacGregor said when he took over as campaign chief from John Mitchell on July 1, he found a solid set of campaign plans and a good staff. But he said he decided too much money had been allocated for radio and television advertising and not enough for precinct organizing.

A Coast Guard spokesman said the man, whose name has not been released, disappeared after he jumped from the boat about two miles west of Ingleside, a coastal town just across the Corpus Christi Bay from here. AP - A large geomagnetic storm bombarding the solar system with electrified gas was expected to strike the earth today, accordint to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. The storm, which will disrupt short wave radio transmissions around the globe and produce a huge solar flare observed Friday. More than 1. Refrigerators topped the list. And your novo- caine comes in three artificial flavors: orange, peppermint and strawberry But those aren't the only differences in Dr.

Maria Mendonca Pedrosos child dentist clinic. There are no parents around to hold your hand or pat you on the head. They are watching you through a closed- circuit television screen in the anteroom. Your appointment is flexible, since the imaginative doctor believes you should be at ease before submitting yourself to treatment.

To many of the youngsters visiting her clinic, a dental appointment is becoming a synonym for fun. In North Carolina ceded her western lands to the U. Every registered pharmacist has passed the state board examination and is fully qualified to dispense medications. LON 2-LB. Try it free. Get access to this with a Free Trial. Next. Get access to Newspapers.

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Sweet housewives wants sex Childress

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