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Central African Republic , landlocked country located in the centre of Africa. The area that is now the Central African Republic has been settled for at least 8, years. The slave state of Dar al-Kuti occupied the northern reaches until the various regions of the Central African Republic were brought under French colonial rule late in the 19th century.

Colonial administrators favoured some ethnic groups over others, resulting in political rivalries that persisted after independence in The capital city of Bangui , founded as a French trading post in , sprawls on the banks of the Ubangi River. Famed in colonial times as one of the most agreeable cities in equatorial Africa, Bangui blends wooded hills and grassy meadows with heavily populated shantytowns, a handsome if now somewhat run-down city centre, and modern residential districts.

Though strikes and curfews often bring the city to a standstill, Bangui enjoys a vibrant nightlife and a diverse musical culture. The capital, Bangui , is situated on the southern boundary, formed by the Ubangi River , a tributary of the Congo River. The Central African Republic occupies an immense rolling plateau that forms, along a crest that trends southwest to northeast, the major drainage divide between the Lake Chad and Congo River basins.

The country is well supplied with waterways. The vast central plains rise gradually in the northeast to the Bongos Bongo Massif, extending to an elevation of 4, feet 1, metres at Mount Toussoro, and to the Tondou Massif in the east. In the north the most ificant mountains are those of the Dar Challa range, which rise to 4, feet 1, metres at Mount Ngaya near the border with Sudan. In the southeast is a plain cut by a of rivers. A moist savanna climate prevails in the north and an equatorial forest zone in the south.

During the rainy season from March to October or November heavy rainstorms occur almost daily, and early morning fog is typical. Maximum annual precipitation is 71 inches 1, mm , occurring from August to September in the upper Ubangi region, and in the Karre Mountains annual precipitation averages 59 inches 1, mm. The dry season—brought by the northeastern trade winds, called the harmattan —generally begins in October and ends in February or March.

The skies are generally clear. Sandstorms and dust storms occur in the extreme north. The country lies largely in the savanna zone of Africa. The northern part is treeless, whereas the southern portion of the country contains dense tropical rainforests , particularly along the Ubangi and Sangha rivers. A wide range of vegetation can be found in the savannas, from scrubby, drought- and fire-resistant trees and shrubs to more luxuriant gallery forests near rivers and streams.

Many species of antelope, as well as baboons, buffalo, and elephants, are found in the savannas; there are also forest elephants, which are smaller than those in the savanna. Once-numerous black rhinoceroses are now rare, the victims of overhunting. In the rainforests an even greater diversity of wildlife exists, including gorillas, chimpanzees, and other primates, leopards, and the endangered bongo antelope.

Rivers contain many species of fish, crocodiles, and hippopotamuses. A rich and varied birdlife—in addition to many varieties of snakes, bats, and insects, including many colourful butterflies and moths—makes the territory zoologically one of the most distinctive in Africa. Central African Republic. Images Audio.

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Central African Republic girl looking for black male

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